Heroes and Villains in the Senate on ‘Patrol ng Pilipino’

Who are the real heroes and villains in the on-going Senate investigation on the alleged corruption in the Armed Forces of the Philippines?

The death of Ret. Gen. Angelo Reyes sparked a debate on the manner the hearings are being conducted by the lawmakers. While some laud the courage of the senators, there are also some who found them too harsh in dealing with the invited respondents like Reyes.

In the hope of unveiling the real story behind the news, Ron Gagalac will give us a behind-the-scenes look at the Senate investigation that has captured the attention of the country. Catch his report on Tuesday (Feb 15) in “Patrol ng Pilipino.”

Meanwhile, the rate of couples getting married continue to go down every year, according to data from the National Statistics Office. In fact, there are more cases of separation and living-in than weddings.

Pia Gutierrez will witness a mass wedding on Valentine’s Day to determine why many Filipinos still choose to get married as a celebration of their love. Watch her report on “Patrol ng Pilipino,” this Tuesday (Feb 15) after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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