A Clash of Supernatural Powers on ‘I Survived’

Samara was born to a family of “healers.” Her supernatural ability and expertise in paranormal things made her a frequent resource person on TV and radio. But while these traits brought her popularity, these also put her life in danger.

This Thursday (Oct 28) on “I Survived,” Samara will share her horrifying experience with dark magic.

A stranger took special interest on her when she was a guest in a DZMM program. The stranger wanted to meet her, and she agreed. When they finally met, the stranger told her that he and his fellows are “mambabarangs.” Instead of showing fear, Samara challenged them to a fight.

With the arrogance that she showed, the mambabarang punished her. She suffered itch all over her body that later degenerated into severe skin problems.

Witness the fight between a healer and a “mambabarang” with Ces Drilon on “I Survived” this Thursday (October 28) after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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