Rafael Rosell Strips for Denise Laurel on Her Birthday

A topless Rafael Rosell surprised Denise Laurel with a birthday cake recently in a special celebration organized for her by the staff of the hit teleserye “Martha Cecilia’s Kristine.”

The 23-year-old actress was busy taping for their show when her leading man led the well-wishers in greeting her a happy birthday. “It was so funny and memorable. It was very sweet,” Denise shared.

Rafael’s surprises didn’t end there as he also bought Denise a nice and relaxing chair she can use during taping. “Sa Bud Brothers pa lang humihirit na siya na ng ‘bili n’yo ‘ko ng upuan. Lapit na birthday ko.’ So I think it’s my duty as her ka-loveteam to fulfill that wish,” explained the hunk actor.

When asked about his sweet gestures for the other half of the most sensual on-screen sweethearts, Rafael said he just wanted to let her know he’s there for her.

“Kung anuman yung plano niya sa birthday niya, sa kanya na ‘yun. I just want her to know na nandito lang ako. I’m just a text away,” he said.

Denise said she is celebrating one of the best birthdays in her life especially because of the success of “Kristine.” The show, despite its late timeslot, remains a must-see for Filipinos who simply can’t sleep without watching the kilig moments and thrilling confrontations in “Kristine.”

Fans of the show and the pocketbook have another reason to be excited because a new character will be introduced this week. The handsome new guy, who will come to Paso De Blas as a visitor of Don Leon, will bring a major change in the relationship of Jewel (Cristine Reyes) and Jaime (Zanjoe Marudo).

This week, Don Leon will also formally introduce Jewel and Emerald as his granddaughters, causing the ire of his daughter Margarita. While happy with their grandfather’s change of heart, Jewel and Emerald are also torn between pleasing their ‘lolo’ and fighting for the men they love.

Don’t miss the exciting developments in the epic TV adaptation of the country’s number one pocketbook series, “Martha Cecilia’s Kristine” from Monday to Friday on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.

8 Comments on Rafael Rosell Strips for Denise Laurel on Her Birthday

  1. denise and rafael panalo sa chemistry..

  2. super kilig to the the max…..
    wla me msbi s tandem nla kndi good job.

  3. Cache8811 // October 16, 2010 at 9:21 pm //

    I so love RAF and Denise, I can relate to everybody saying the fall inlove again, that their interest in watching teleserye comes back, that’s how I’m feeling too. Goodluck and more power, D and RAF… We love you guys…

  4. denise and rafael deserve to be given a big movie break, they brought back the interest in watching filipino teleserye because of them, they are so natural and acting so beautifully. you always get carried with them, wala naman bata o matanda sa pagibig and i think i am falling in love again more shows for them please

  5. i was amazed by the fact that 11yrs. na pala si denise sa showbiz! my god,bakit now lang siya nabigyan ng break! sa totoo lang this year ko lang siya nakilala hahaha! to abs-cbn ,ayan na ang tunay na may talent,nasa bakuran nio lng,wag na kayo magbulagbulagan sa mga patweetums ng ibang alaga nio.Good actress, singer,performer,host,vj,comes from respected family,hard working,professional,very humble,down to earth and with a big heart.what else can you ask more? give her a break lang talaga!=)

  6. I like Denise and Rafael, never noticed them before until Midnight Phantom and Kristine. I’ve been voraciously reading and watching every single article and video of these two wonderful people. They are REAL ACTORS. They don’t care if they look ugly or stupid, they just want to do a great job! Hopefully you two will shine brighter this year! My first time to become a FAN. I’m proud to be your fan. Good luck and God bless to you both.

  7. hindi nga lang sya kasing sexy ng sister nyang kristine reyes sa kristine series at kulang sa height pero ok na rin…

  8. galing talaga tandem ni den at raf pinag pupuyatan koa ng kristine dahil sa kanilang 2…lakas ng chemistry nila promis..pero si denise kahit kanino e partner may chemistry proven kay jhon pratts at will devaugn pero mas malakas ang dating pag si rafael partner nya love them both.

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