Denise Laurel Bares Her Soul in ‘Olay Conversations’

Denise Laurel, in an interview by Boy Abunda for a webisode of "Olay Conversations," spoke about an unplanned pregnancy that threatened her acting career just when she was at her peak.

Boy Abunda and Denise Laurel

To some people, life is a well-laid plan where the goal is straight ahead, clearly attainable. But what happens when life gets in the way, just when you thought everything was going perfectly? When everything you worked for suddenly crumbles, throwing you by the wayside unable to pick up the pieces?

This is the story of Denise Laurel‘s life. She found her footing in show business and theatre at an early age. Born into a well-known family, there was constant pressure and motivation to be the best in her craft. But slowly, surely and diligently, she worked her way up to major and bigger roles. Denise was clearly on the threshold of something big, when motherhood unexpectedly demanded that she put everything on hold. A necessary but painful decision made no easier by a delicate process of pregnancy that proved to be life threatening.

“I knew getting pregnant was teaching me something. It was teaching me to be an adult,” Laurel tearfully but braveley told Abunda in the webisode. She shared the difficult decisions she had to make at the time, and the trust and support she received from the family who expected her to always “be the best.” Laurel now lives with simple gratefulness, to which she credits her constant glow. “It’s because I’m complete. I am so thankful for what I have and treasure that even more now. Everyone accepted me and I accept myself,” she smiled.

Olay Denise

After hurdling her life’s biggest challenge, Denise emerged a woman who’s more beautiful than ever, because of her resilience and amazing resolve to be the best.

Watch the Denise Laurel “Olay Conversations” interview here:

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