Charice – Listen – Glee ‘Audition’ Episode

Sunshine Corazon (Charice) blew Mr. Schuester and the rest of the Glee Club members away with her performance of Beyonce's "Listen."

In every episode of Glee, there is at least one performance that will give you goosebump. In the premiere episode of its season two entitled “Audition”, the character of Charice (Sunshine Corazon) sang Beyonce‘s Listen as her audition song for Glee Club. And it’s definitely the song of the episode!

Watch the video here:

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  1. KAPUSO MAG-ISIP // September 28, 2010 at 12:30 am //

    OH MY!!
    Bantatay ginaya ang Shaggy Dog!
    Survivor – patunay na walang isang salita ang GMA na hindi sila bibili ng franchise kahit kailan, di ba Mam Wilma?
    Grazilda ginaya sa Cinderella 3 na Direct to Video Movie ng Disney!
    Ilumina Ginaya ang Agua Bendita! May Kambal din ang bida puro laosian naman ang bida!
    At ang Endless Love na trashy version ng original!

    Utak talangka si Gozon:
    “I analyze everything, especially the ad load.
    If I find that the other channels have less, natutuwa ako,”
    Stock Charts for ABS-CBN & GMA7 (3year-period)
    source: BusinessWeek Bloomberg
    GMA7 Highest, October 2007 (P9.50)
    GMA7 Lowest, January 2009 (P3.35)

    ABS Highest, September 2010 (P55.60)
    ABS Lowest, January 2009 (P12.00)


    Mataas daw ang ratings ng GMA
    pero 90% ng mga endorsers na pinagttiwalaan ng mga Advertisers ay mga KAPAMILYA!

    Kung mataas ang ratings ng Survivor, bakit walang TV AD ngayon si Rechard,pero meron si Piolo at si Zaijian, Jodie!

    Kung mataas ang ratings ng Grazilda bakit walang TV AD si Glaiza pro meron si Sarah!

    Kung mataas ang ratings ng Ilumina, bakit walang TV AD si JAckie at paminsan minsan lang makita ang kay Rhian, pero meron si Bea , Gretchen, Derek, Angel Aquino at Erich!

    Kung mataas ang ratings ng Endless Love bakit mas exposed pa sa Commercials si Angel Locsin kesa kay Marian Rivera partida pa yan walang palabas si Angel ngayon!

  2. Kapamilya Forever // September 27, 2010 at 3:04 pm //

    MOMAY ginaya ang Casper! NOAH ginaya ang AVATAR! IDOL ginaya ang Glee at DIVA! IMORTAL ginaya ang twilight! MAGKARIBAL ginaya ang All About Eve! KOKEY ginaya ang ET!

    —— at GMA ginagaya ABS-CBN. wahahahah…

  3. kapal mo westguy // September 27, 2010 at 10:25 am //

    sana hnd lumaki ang ulo ni charice kc hnd maganda pag mayabang na cia balang araw….

  4. jemymaesw8-16=) // September 26, 2010 at 8:36 am //

    ..idol!!!!!!!!! glinG mo!!!!!!!! uBer=)!!!!!!!!!

  5. To people critical of Charice bear in mind, that a good singer need not be good looking always. There are some good singers also in other countries that don’t look good. But they were given a boost because they are singers & not beauty contestant & they made it. Sa Pinas kasi iba mentality ng mga producer natin gusto nila kasi tumutulo laway nila sa ganda mga singer nila, kahit boses palaka basta maganda ka IN ka na. kaya marami tayo mga artista na pilit na kumakanta kait ang boses naku ewan. But for me Charice looks good and charming and cutie, lav u charice!!

  6. Charice charice charice // September 24, 2010 at 10:56 pm //

    charice mahal kita. idol kita.


  8. MOMAY ginaya ang Casper! NOAH ginaya ang AVATAR! IDOL ginaya ang Glee at DIVA! IMORTAL ginaya ang twilight! MAGKARIBAL ginaya ang All About Eve! KOKEY ginaya ang ET! // September 24, 2010 at 2:47 pm //

    MOMAY ginaya ang Casper!
    NOAH ginaya ang AVATAR!
    IDOL ginaya ang Glee at DIVA!
    IMORTAL ginaya ang twilight!
    MAGKARIBAL ginaya ang All About Eve!
    KOKEY ginaya ang ET!

  9. Panis na panis si sarah hahahahaha…panoorin nyo listen version ni sarah sa youtube hahahaha ang pangit ng boses walang panama kay charice hahahaha.

  10. glee sikat at no.1 sa U.S.! congrats Charice! PROUD OF YOU! // September 24, 2010 at 3:02 am //

    I really love this girl. she is a phenomenon and i’ve never felt to someone like this before. She blow me away and not just because of her talent but also as a whole person as well. However, The things is people can change and i won’t say something like she’ll never change because it’s not fair for her at all. I just hope that she won’t end up like many celebrities in showbiz industry on drugs, sex, alcohol use, etc… That’s all i’m concerned about.yah!

  11. Pag may nega dito mga fans yan ni Sarah naiinggit…hala tulungan nyo ang IDOL para naman hindi tuluyang malunod kasi naghihingalo… …

  12. kapal mo westguy // September 23, 2010 at 4:21 pm //


  13. awesome performance but charice,,,stop the dancing… its weird!!! you are singing a powerful song like that and your steps are for hip…. its just annoying…

    but very good performance!!

  14. the new male character (the one who sing billionaire) somehow looks like Victor Basa in blonde…

  15. Charice,

    you make wanna say hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey i’m a Filipino

  16. jovit your the next…go kapamilya more more more!!!

  17. product of ABS-CBN..

  18. her hand movement is very distracting…but wow!!!!that killer voice overpowered it all!!!charice congratz

  19. her hand movement is very distracting…but wow….killer voice!!!

  20. glee sikat at no.1 sa U.S.! congrats Charice! PROUD OF YOU! // September 23, 2010 at 3:28 am //

    wow! superb!balita nga rehersal pa lang, namangha na casts and crew kay charice! WHEW! GALING MO!dinaig mo pa si beyonce! kulang pa nga yan e, taped yung performnce di live yun, e anu pa kaya sa lIVE! check niyo yung LISTEN-OSCAR PARTY grabe reaction ng tao kay CHARICE!

  21. awesome performance. im really proud of u.

  22. Newsweek called Charice “The Global Superstar” ….Congrats Cha….Dumami sana lahi mo…

  23. Marvelous Charice!..I’m definitely proud of you..

  24. MARIANITANG LAOS..idemanda raw ni BELLA PADILLA...marianpalengkera insecure kay bella wlang class at bobita // September 23, 2010 at 12:58 am //


    ABS-CBN CORP. has more viewers with purchasing power and belonging to the upper economic classes compared with close competitor GMA Network, Inc., data from research outfit Kantar Media Philippines and AGB Nielsen showed.

    “The viewers of ABS-CBN come from the upper portion of the economic class. The station’s viewers are from classes A, B and upper C,” Gabriel Buluran, Kantar Media general manager, said.In a statement Wednesday, ABS-CBN said 43% of its viewers have with purchasing power, compared with GMA Network’s 34%.

    ABS-CBN also emerged as the preferred channel among affluent Filipinos, teen-age audiences, and families of overseas Filipino workers, data from AGB Neilsen survey among segment markets also reveal.

    This finding was according to the Nielsen Media Research, which conducted a survey aimed to give a clearer picture of the viewing habits of the three market segments cited.

    Nielsen described the word “affluent” as those viewers who are living in posh “gated villages” with income higher than P50,000 a month.

    In data presented by the said research and survey group, ABS-CBN registered a 79.4 percent grade to emerge as the top local channel most often watched by viewers who belong to the A, B and C1 market segment. The Kapamilya network was followed by GMA-7 with 64.1 percent.

    The teens TV viewership category was also ruled by ABS-CBN with its 62.11 percent clip compared to GMA-7’s 38.6 percent.

    The Lopez-owned network also collected the most viewership in the OFW families segment, registering a strong 64.0 percent as compared to GMA-7’s 49.9 percent showing.AGB Neilsen conducted the said survey way earlier than Kantar Media.

    ABS-CBN continu to rule the National TV ratings in August, as it posted an average audience share of 41% against GMA Network’s 34% based on Kantar Media’sTV Viewing survey.



    yan mga kasuso kapusa..based on facts ha…that means GME VIEWERS are squatters…..

    low class ang mga GME VIEWERS…ask gozon or ask AGB NIELSEN para maliwanagan kayo..

    kaya pala ang daming ADS ng ABS-CBN ngayon..

    GME dami daw ADS..bargain ang ad rates ng GMEwww…bargain gozon vaket??

    it is based on facts…

  25. I’m sure filipinos are stunning.. americans are amazed how good filipinos are when it comes to singing… On cases like this, we shall all be proud and say.. hey I am a filipino… Hurray

  26. i love you charice

  27. remarkable!

  28. 2nd!

  29. first!…go charice

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