It’s All About ‘Glee’ on People Magazine

The latest issue of People magazine is all about the hit tv series "Glee".

The special issue is a preview of what we can expect from season 2:

Behind-the-scenes reporting on the Season 2 premiere episode, “Audition,” gives readers a taste of things to come. Quinn battles a meaner Santana “to see who will be queen bee of the school,” says Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy. There will be no more Mohawk for Puck. Kurt will get a boyfriend. Sue gets a new rival. And Rachel has killer competition.

As for the romantic angle, Rachel and Finn will get back together.
“Rachel and Finn kind of broke up twice,” says Murphy. “Let’s keep them together…and let’s really see…what does that couple look like at the end of that season?”

The stars of GLEE open up to PEOPLE:

Lea Michele on dealing with the paparazzi: “I don’t ever get followed by paparazzi. They’re bored by me. I am not a party girl or anything like that. I would rather be at home. I invite my cast members over, and we watch scary movies and we eat pizza…”

Matthew Morrison on his high school years: “I hate this discussion because I was kind of that guy. I was prom king, I was president of my high school, and I went to a special (performing-arts) school in the afternoon…I loved it.”

Dianna Agron on her dream GLEE guest star: “People don’t like my answer to this, but I think Christopher Walken would be amazing! He could be some crazy teacher who has altercations with Sue.”

Mark Salling on being a GLEE sex symbol: “Let’s be real: I don’t think I’m a sex symbol. Patrick Dempsey – or someone older – that’s a sex symbol.”

Amber Riley on being a plus-size role model: “I’m all for loving all parts of yourself, but to have girls tell me, ‘You make me feel good about myself,’ that’s all good.”

Also featured inside the special “Glee” issue is our very own Charice who will play the role of “Sunshine Corazon”:

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  1. Magaling magaling.. U make r hearts proud, tnx

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    yan ang patunay! at watch nyo rin ung mga interviews ng mga casts ng glee sa premiere party..lahat cla napahanga kay charice

  3. Tlaga!!? im so happy and excited if Charice will be part of Glee! Go Go Go.. were gonna support you all the way. ;D

  4. @ babes

    talga wow katuwa naman heeheh

    san mo nakuha ang news=?

  5. im a gleek!

  6. good news: c sunshine corazon / charice ay regular na sa season 2 ng glee mapapanood ntin xa sa buong season! im so excited!!

  7. totoo ung vaginal lock ni shaina kay john lloyd?

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    make your country proud

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