Melissa Ricks Fulfills Her ‘Filipino Dream’

While kids during her time would dream about Disneyland and living abroad, young actress Melissa Ricks worked hard to learn her mother’s native language.

Born and raised in the USA, Melissa strived to learn and understand Filipino after migrating in the Philippines. After years of practice, the drama princess is now proud of being able to speak Filipino fluently like any pure Pinoy.

Find out why and how Melissa worked to fulfill her “Filipino” dream this Saturday (August 13) in the “Linggo ng Wika” special of “Kulilits.”

Kulilits Chacha Cañete, Bugoy Cariño, and Izzy Canillo, meanwhile, are off to their own study on the Philippine national language. After being sucked by a magical book, the kids are set to meet different types of people including an alibata expert, a young Palanca award-winner, and a Jejemon!

Join their adventure this Saturday (August 14) before “Showtime” on ABS-CBN.

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