Velvet Jetsets First Class with the Fly Girls

They work hard and they party harder, but there is definitely more to the fun and glamorous lives of flight attendants.

Find out how they deal with working 30,000 feet above ground while pursuing good times, adventure and love on “Fly Girls,” the newest reality series to watch out for on Velvet (SkyCable ch.53).

“Fly Girls,” which premiered last Wednesday (August 4), follows the lives of five charismatic flight attendants on America’s hippest new airline: Virgin America as they jet from one glamorous location to the next including Las Vegas, South Beach and New York City.

Leading the pack is Nikole, a self-confessed accessory addict who sneaks in jewelry from airport security so she could wear them on duty. But despite taking all the time to get decked out before a flight, the group’s Paris Hilton-wannabe is never late for take-off.

Mandy, meanwhile, is your typical wholesome girl next door—the kind a man would love to bring home to meet his folks. Being a neat freak, she makes it a point to always wear slip-on shoes with socks in airports.

Tasha is the working mom of the group. In order to keep track of her child who’s miles away at her hometown Sacramento, she never goes to work without her cell phone. Her motherly instinct shows in her favorite travel tip, which is “Don’t forget your common sense at home.”

Then there’s Farrah, who is your stereotypical flight attendant. She’s a blonde bombshell who always has a smile on her face despite the hectic cross-country flight schedule. She’s always pleasant to all passengers and to all the other flight attendants.

Finally, the last girl, Louise is the rebellious one. Though she displays a no-nonsense attitude, she’s still like any other girl who won’t dare go on a long haul flight without primping up herself up first with a lip balm and some moisturizer.

Living in one home-base they call the “crash pad,” they only have each other to get through issues in romance, family, friendships and even roommate conflicts, as well as the split-second decision-making, demanding and sometimes fascinating passengers, long hours in the air and layovers in interesting locales at work.

Get a 360-degree look at their lives up in the air and in the places they visit on “Fly Girls” every Wednesday, 8:30pm on the country’s premium general entertainment channel for women, Velvet on SkyCable Channel 53.

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