‘Hole in the Wall’ Returns on GMA this Monday

The craziest game show on primetime is making a big comeback!

Get ready for another season of body-bending and mind-twisting entertainment as GMA Network brings anew the most addictive and widely popular segment-turned-worldwide craze, “Hole In The Wall.”

The TV phenomenon from Japan returns on GMA Telebabad with lots of twists and surprises including big cash prizes, outrageous wall and hole designs and an interactive playing area that would take your viewing experience to a new level.

Hole in the Wall is hosted once again by multi-awarded comedians Michael V. and Ogie Alcasid as they assume new and different characters every week.

Viewers should look forward these comedic portrayals of the duo, which will literally have you out of your seats rolling with laughter.

Two teams with three players each must face various walls speeding towards them with crazy-shaped holes. If they fail to fit through the holes, they are knocked back by the wall into a pool of water.

A celebrity team captain will join the players every week and will be the third player of the group.

The team who accumulates the most points in three rounds advances to the “Jackpot Wall,” where they may win as much as P100,000.

However, a different set of “Jackpot Walls” will be used this season, which includes the “Distraction Wall,” “Disco Wall,” “Houdini Wall,” “Dressed-up Wall,” “Dizzy Wall,” and an audience participation wall, where the team will get another player from the audience to play with them or for them.

“Hole In The Wall” became a huge hit around the country for its comedic appeal with viewers of all ages. It also turned out to be one of GMA’s well-loved game shows, which raked in high TV ratings in its timeslot.

Starting July 5, get ready to make a splash in “Hole In The Wall,” right before “Langit sa Piling Mo” on GMA-7.

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