Meet the Cast of GMA’s ‘Diva’

"Diva" is the first ever kantaserye on Philippine television to premiere on March 1 on GMA-7. Regine Velasquez portrays the role of Sampaguita (Sam), an ugly woman who dreams of becoming a famous singer someday.

This original series is helmed by Dominic Zapata, the same director of Regine and Mark Anthony’s “Ako si Kim Samsoon.” This is the Songbird’s fifth primetime series on the kapuso network.

Here are the cast of “Diva”:

strong>Mark Anthony Fernandez is Gary, Sam’s childhood friend. A good lyricist and a good writer, Gary’s goal is to find the woman who can sing the song of his heart.

TJ Trinidad is Martin, a rich and charming composer who happens to be the love interest of Sam.

Rufa Mae Quinto is Lady, a model who becomes a singer despite her lack of talent. Sam will be her ghost singer and eventually her rival. Lady will make Sam’s life miserable.

Glaiza de Castro is Tiffany, Lady’s personal assistant who will eventually become a singer and become Sam’s “kontra-diva.”

Jaya is Barbra, Sam’s bestfriend and sidekick.

Mark Herras is Smith, Sam’s half-brother.

Ynna Asistio is Vanessa, the neighbor of Sam who has a big crush on Smith.

Buboy Garovillo is Elvis, the loving father of Sam.

Randy Santiago is George, an executive producer of a recording company who will give Sam the opportunity to become a diva.

Gloria Diaz is Paula, the mother of Sam. A frustrated singer/actress who blames her ugly daughter for losing opportunity in showbiz.

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  1. mark is not beda pag iparis sya sa iba,,not compared to jennylyn n khit d cla iparis beda parin,,,at pag cla nmang dalawa ang iparis wow ang lakas ng rating at cgawan,,cla lng tlaga ang bagay…love themboth,,,by d way i love regine so much,most off all her magical voice,,

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