Jake Cuenca, To Court Sam Pinto for the Second Time?

Elias Paniki star Jake Cuenca shared that Sam is one of the few people who knows him inside out.

“Isa si Sam (Pinto) sa mga tunay na nakakakilala sakin kaya from the start, I have always treasured our friendship,” Jake expressed in an interview.

Jake has openly admitted that he once courted Sam Pinto before he got busy with the hit series ‘Tayong Dalawa.’ Now that they are together in one project, Jake is just so surprised with how Sam is taking show business.

“Nagulat ako. Kasi dati she would tell me na ayaw niya talaga mag-artista noon. Ngayon na nakakaeksena ko na siya, napapapalakpak ako in my mind kasi galing niya na umarte,” the actor said.

Meanwhile, if Jake’s courtship was cut short in real life, in Agimat presents Elias Paniki, Jake (as Elias) gets the chance to win Sam’s (as Amanda) heart as their paths meet. An unwanted event brings the two closer. However, the tides turn as Amanda speaks to her uncle.

Witness how romance will build up between Jake and Sam in Agimat presents Elias Paniki on ABS-CBN, after TV Patrol Sabado.

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  1. beurifull sam………

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