Geoff Eigenmann & Carla Abellana Reunite in Sinenovela: Mars Ravelo’s ‘Basahang Ginto’

Which is more lustrous - beauty of form, or goodness of heart?

The captivating tandem of Geoff Eigenmann and Carla Abellana breathes new life to another Filipino classic as they star in GMA Network’s latest Sinenovela offering titled BASAHANG GINTO. This afternoon drama serial will air beginning May 24 on the Kapuso network’s Dramarama sa Hapon Block after Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak.

Based on the 1951 graphic novel by the legendary Mars Ravelo which was later made into a movie by Sampaguita Pictures, Basahang Ginto is about the astonishing transformation of a simple housemaid into a sophisticated and high-powered socialite.

In the modern version, Carla will assume the role of Orang originally played by Alicia Vergel, while Geoff will reprise the character of Danny previously portrayed by the late Pancho Magalona. Both Geoff and Carla were last seen in the high-rating telefantansya The Last Prince where they played very special roles before finally reuniting in this afternoon soap.

Orang (Carla Abellana) was raised in an Aeta community by a couple who rescued her from a mining accident. When her father was killed while trying to protect their land, Orang, her pregnant mother Ising (Rita Avila), and sister Gilay (Charming Lagusad) were left with no choice but to evacuate and seek new life in the city.

But life in Manila turned out to be crueler than they expected. One night, while selling rugs on the street, a speeding car accidentally hit Ising, leaving her permanently incapacitated. As such, Orang was left with the responsibility of single-handedly caring and providing for her entire family.

By a stroke of fate, Orang meets Danny (Geoff Eigenmann), a wealthy bachelor who mysteriously offers her a job as a maid in his grandmother’s house. Nurturing a broken heart from her scheming girlfriend Sylvia (Vaness del Moral), Danny plans to use Orang to claim revenge against Sylvia by educating and dressing their housemaid to act and look like a real socialite. Danny also changes her name from Orang to Laura Esquiviel.

But Danny soon realizes that he no longer needs to make Sylvia jealous as he is already falling in love with the beautiful Laura. Upon this discovery, however, Laura also finds out about what really happened during the night of the accident, which presumably involves Danny. Laura ends up running away from the mansion bearing two things in mind: to seek revenge and to unravel the mystery that conceals her true identity.

Completing the cast of Basahang Ginto are Celia Rodriguez as Donya Mariana, Danny’s grandmother; Jackie Lou Blanco as Elaine, Danny’s mother; Samantha Lopez as Lilian, Orang’s biological mother; Tony Mabesa as Cecilio, Orang’s etiquette tutor; Kevin Santos as Carlo, Danny’s cousin; Bearwin Meily as Manoro, Ising’s husband; Jim Pebangco as Gogo, Carlo’s driver; Dion Afi as Bebot, Orang’s Aeta bestfriend; and Byron Ortile as Michael, Orang’s younger brother.

With multi-awarded director Joel Lamangan at the helm, another timeless literary piece gets to touch and inspire today’s television viewers as the Kapuso station proudly presents Mars Ravelo’s Basahang Ginto. The much-awaited pilot episode of this Sinenovela airs this Monday, May 24 after Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak on GMA Network.

Watch the teasers here:

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