Seaman’s Fight for Life Tonight on ‘I Survived’

It was a scene straight from the movies. Seaman Leo Hernandez was on his daily routine, cleaning the tubes in the ship where he worked when suddenly a burst of sulfuric acid hit him from the back.

The acid easily bore a hole on his shirt and hurt his eyes while the pressure sent him falling down eight feet to the ship’s flooring. He could have easily died from the fall and the chemical burns. But Hernandez survived.

This Thursday (May 20) on “I Survived,” Hernandez reopens the wounds of his near-death experience with Ces Oreña-Drilon.

Hurt in the middle of the sea, Hernandez even had to wait for one and a half days before getting proper medical attention. It took him three whole years before fully recovering.

Find out how Hernandez escaped death and found the will to live again on “I Survived,” this Thursday (May 20) after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN. Stay updated on other ABS-CBN programs by visiting or following abscbndotcom on Twitter.

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