Wowowee Girls Compete for Robin’s Heart?

Wowowee special host Robin Padilla instantly became a household name and even a Twitter sensation after his much talked about entrance to the top-rating Primetanghali show of ABS-CBN.

From ranking number 5 in Twitter’s ‘worldwide top trending topics’ during his launch last May 16, Robin has successfully charmed the televiewers as Wowowee topped in the latest TNS national ratings with 20.5% last Saturday and carried over the same rating on Monday.

Robin has captured the hearts not only of ladies, men, and kids but also of his co-hosts Pokwang, Mariel Rodriguez, Valerie Concepcion, Carmen Soo, Kelly Misa, Isabelle Abiera and Jed Montero, who all look thrilled everyday to share the stage with Robin.

Recently, Robin and the Wowowee girls had a fun opening banter regarding Pokwang and Carmen. Robin thanked Pokwang for the hearty breakfast and recognized Carmen’s revealing outfit.

As if competing for Robin’s heart, Mariel wittily commented, “You know Carmen, I’m so nice to you. After all those translating and everything, you’re gonna wear that? Why Carmen, why? Why are you joining the ‘agawing’?”

With these everyday romantic rivalries, is it possible for one of them to fall in love with Robin for real?

Watch out for more of special host Robin’s surprises on Wowowee, Mondays to Saturdays, right after Showtime on ABS-CBN.

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