Megan Young, Robi Domingo & Xian Lim Dish Out Election Tips on ‘Us Girls’

Today’s hottest young stars will share their thoughts on the elections this Thursday (May 6) on “Us Girls” on Studio 23.

Catch Megan Young, Robi Domingo, Xian Lim, and other celebrities give some last minute reminders in another “FTW” (For the Win) episode of “Us Girls” before the 2010 polls.

After learning how to vote wisely, learn the popular expressions in social networking sites while having fun with the fabulous trio of Chesca Garcia-Kramer, Iya Villania, and Angel Aquino.

Join Checa as she and her friends Nancy Castiliogne and Danica Sotto-Pingris give you tips on how to tell your mom “YTB” (You’re The Best) this Mother’s Day.

Iya Villania will then check out trendy and up-to-date styles and designs “ATM” (At the Moment), as well as gadgets that will surely make you go “OMG” (Oh My Gosh)!

Not to be left behind, Angel Aquino will discover the Malunggay Spa treatment that’s definitely “GFY” (Good for You).

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