Double Victory for the League of Intrigues

It's a double celebration for the League of Intrigues, composed of the combined forces of the undisputed showbiz authority, Startalk and the Intriga Capital of the Philippines, Showbiz Central, as both shows captured high ratings and received abundant praises from viewers all over.

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Based on the data of AGB Nielsen, among viewer-rich Mega Manila households last April 24 and 25, Startalk TX totally outclassed its competitor with an average audience share of 11.2%, 4.3% higher than competing showbiz talk show’s 7.0%. Showbiz Central also secured victory with a 9.1% rating while its competitor only had an 8.6% audience share.

The burgeoning legacy. For 14 years, Startalk has remained at the top of its game, going from strength to strength through fearless delivery of the latest entertainment news and by offering an engaging format that features the talk show hosts at their best.

Audiences admire how entertainment editor Ricky Lo could bring them exclusive interviews of both top and international celebrities. They appreciate how film critic Butch Francisco can be in two places at once just to give viewers a raw picture of the paths taken by a showbiz personality involved in the controversies of the week. Entertainment guru Joey De Leon–who always has everyone laughing with his jokes, especially those thrown at co host Lolit Solis–combines his signature humor with his intelligent analysis of showbiz issues. And then, of course, there is top showbiz manager Lolit Solis, the only woman in the formidable Startalk team who never fails to shock with her off-the-cuff comments. Ricky Lo, Butch Francisco, Joey De Leon and Lolit Solis –the Fab Four, all successful in their respective fields who have access to the inner workings of show biz. Small wonder then that when they talk, people listen.

Now that Startalk leveled up to Startalk TX, the Fab Four and the rest of the team are Three Times (TX) more aggressive at getting the hottest show biz news, Three Times more engaging, and Three Times more fun.

The favorite Ka-Chika. At Showbiz Central, viewers can now do the talking. The segment Opinion Central just got bigger and better as it officially names the viewers as the “other host” of the show. This means that audiences can participate, react and enjoy Showbiz Central in real time — live and online! Viewer reaction is nothing short of ecstatic. In fact, thousands of messages comprised of raging opinions, unheard-of scoops, and hard-hitting questions flooded the show. Currently, Showbiz Central has 5,000 Facebook fan page friends, and counting.

This genuine interactive experience coupled with the wild and upbeat segments hosted by the sweet intrigera John Lapus, the Eat Bulaga muse and credible ChikaMinute anchor Pia Guanio, the ever-controversial sexy TV and movie star Rufa Mae Quinto, the insightful host and party scene insider Raymond Gutierrez, and the clever but no less controversial radio jock, Mo Twister, all make Showbiz Central audiences’ favorite tambayan for unguarded showbiz discussions.

The League of Intrigues — Startalk TX and Showbiz Central — will also make it possible for hosts of both shows to crossover as guest hosts, doubling the excitement, the credibility and the fun!

The League of Intrigues wows audiences every weekend afternoons–Startalk TX on Saturday, after Eat Bulaga and Showbiz Central on Sunday, after Dear Friend.

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