Archibishop Oscar Cruz Draws the Line Between Religion and Politics

His courage to take a stand and his relentless desire for truth make him one of the most regarded individuals when it comes to issues on human rights, morality, and justice. Archbishop Oscar Cruz takes the hot seat as he goes one on one with the country’s King of Talk, Boy Abunda on ‘The Bottomline’.

The Archbishop reveals his stand on the issues regarding priests who desire to run for public office and bishops endorsing political candidates. Along with other political related controversies, he will also share his insights on DOH’s condom use advocacy, DEP ED’s sex education integration in the basic curriculum, and the pedophile priests issues that recently racked the Vatican.

Witness how Archbishop confront the pressing issues involving religion and politics this Saturday, April 10, on “The Bottomline with Boy Abunda” on ABS-CBN, after Banana Split’s primetime telecast.