Drew Arellano Hosts GMA-7’s New Trivia Show ‘AHA!’

Astonishing facts, wacky inventions, strange phenomena—all these and more on GMA-7's new program called AHA!

Hosted by wacky and charming Drew Arellano, AHA! promises to be loaded with info and fun.

TV host Drew will make viewers go “Aha!” as he presents some wild and wacky discoveries all in the name of fun.

Since it’s summer, the pilot episode of AHA! next Sunday, April 4, will tackle all things hot and just a little bit wacky. Things like the incredibly humid weather in the Philippines , which recently hit a high of 35.8 oC. But that’s nothing compared to the temperature in Libya, which sometimes soars to as high as 57.8 oC!

The summer season is just the right time to shimmy into those hot swimsuits and walk the beach in style. Good thing that they’re now lightweight because the earliest swimsuits were so heavy when wet.

The intense heat eases up a bit wit every spoonful of ice cream. Well, maybe not if the ice cream is worth at least $1000 dollars.

And viewers will be surprised to know that Tetchie Agbayani is not the first Filipina to ever pose for men’s magazine Playboy. Want to find out her identity? Then watch AHA!, April 4, at 10:30 am on GMA-7.


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