GMA-7’s Newest Koreanovela ‘Big Thing’ Premieres on August 8

The Koreanovela that received the most trophies in the 2010 SBS Drama Awards hits primetime beginning this Monday.

“Big Thing” stars Ko Hyun Jung, who portrayed Lady Mishil in Queen Seon Deok. This time, however, she is no longer the villain but is now the main protagonist of the story.

Kwon Sang Woo, who is popularly known as Cholo in Stairway to Heaven, also makes a comeback and plays as a prosecutor named Edward Ha.

The story of “Big Thing” tells of Maureen’s (Ko Hyun Jung) rise to power as the first female president of South Korea. She started as a TV announcer who protested against the government because of her husband’s death in the hands of terrorists.

Two men aid her to succeed in politics: Edward, her friend who secretly loves her; and Victor Kang (Cha In Pyo), the congressman who urged her to run for president for his own ambitions.

Can Maureen survive the difficult and sometimes dirty world of politics? Whom should she trust? Is there a room for love in her life — both as a single mom and as a head of state?

Big Thing promises a highly interesting and relatable plot to the Filipino people. After having two female presidents, Filipinos will definitely want to know the ins and outs of politics from a strong woman’s point of view.

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