Cristine Reyes’ ‘Green Paradise’ Premieres on Cinema One

Cinema One enlivens the passion in every viewer this week when Green Paradise of Cristine Reyes makes its cable premiere on Blockbuster Sunday this April 4 at 8:00 pm.

Directed by Esmeraldo “Bing” Santos and Kant Leung, this sex-drama also features an impressive cast featuring award-winning actors Joel Torre, Rio Locsin, Charee Pineda, Jiro Manio, Juan Rodrigo; with the men who desire and compete for the heart of Cristine, like Paolo Serrano, Justine de Leon, Chris Martinez and Andrew Schimmer.

Shot mostly on a rural beach area, Green Paradise takes the arresting provincial sceneries that become the backdrop of the movie’s provocative story.

Kristina (Cristine Reyes), a breathtakingly beautiful young lady sells fresh fruits at her province every Saturday. She only wants a simple life but her ambitious father, Ronaldo (Joel Torre), obliges naïve Kristina to go to the nearest beach resort to try to sell fresh fruits, with the fervent hope that she would find a wealthy man who can hoist them from their impoverished life.

In one of her visits to the resort, fate allows her to cross paths with vacationer Louie (Andrew Schimmer) and attraction ensues. Unfortunately, Kristina is in love with someone else… Who will Kristina love? Who will she give her heart to? And will her father’s hope in life ever come true?

Do not ever miss Green Paradise and give your night a new colour of passion on Cinema One’s Blockbuster Sunday, April 4 at 8:00 pm. Available on SkyCable Gold, SkyCable Silver Channel 56 and other quality cable operators nationwide.

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