Disney’s ‘Rapunzel’ Changes Title to ‘Tangled’

Fans are not in favor of "Tangled" as the new title of Disney's upcoming animated feature "Rapunzel" which is based from the popular fairy tale of the same name.

Producer Ron Coneli explains that the new title has come with a reinvented storyline for the classic fairytale:

“It’s a really fresh, smart take on the Rapunzel story. In our film, the infamous bandit Flynn Rider meets his match in the girl with the 70 feet of magical golden hair. We’re having a lot of fun pairing Flynn, who’s seen it all, with Rapunzel, who’s been locked away in a tower for 18 years.”

Directed by Byron Howard and Nathan Greno, this new take on the classic fairy tale will come to life using CGI, Computer Generated Imagery, a technology used by Disney in their previous films to enhance their animated features. Some fans find the hand-drawn animation “The Princess and the Frog” a little sloppy maybe because they were accustomed to CGI animation that’s why Disney returns to the use of this technology and we will definitely see in Rapunzel Tangled.

Rapunzel will be voiced by pop artist Mandy Moore while Zachary Levi (Alvin and the Chipmunks) will play dashing bandit named Flynn Ryder. The voice cast is also rumored to include David Schwimmer, Matthew Gary Gubler, Kristin Chenoweth, Dan Fogler, and Grey DeLisle.

Tangled is scheduled to hit theaters in Christmas 2010.

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