‘Avatar’ is Now the Highest-Grossing Film of All Time

James Cameron bested himself after more than a decade as Avatar replaces Titanic in record books.

Actually, it’s a little pre-mature to declare that Avatar is now the highest-grossing film in the world of all time but it’s already assured of the title.

James Cameron‘s sci-fi spectacular has sold $1.841 billion worth of tickets worldwide as of January 24, Sunday, and just $2 million away from surpassing the $1.843 record set by Titanic in 1997. It’s just a matter of 1 day or so that it will surpass and erase the seemingly unsinkable record.

But can Avatar also surpass Titanic’s wins at the Oscars? It’s highly possible if you ask me.

Here’s the US Box Office Estimates for the Weekend of Jan. 22-24, 2010:

1. Avatar – $36,000,000
2. Legion – $18,200,000
3. The Book of Eli – $17,000,000
4. The Tooth Fairy – $14,500,000
5. The Lovely Bones – $8,800,000
6. Sherlock Holmes – $7,115,000
7. Extraordinary Measures – $7,000,000
8. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel – $6,500,000
9. It’s Complicated – $6,189,690
10. The Spy Next Door – $4,750,000

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