Shape-Ups from Skechers: It’s Hot, It Works and It’s Finally Here!

No time for the gym? Now you can shape up while you walk with "Shape Ups" from Skechers.

Stores all over the US, Europe, and the rest of the world can barely keep them in stock. To say that Shape-Ups, the hot new fitness shoe from Skechers, is in heavy demand—is probably an understatement. The good news: it has finally arrived here in the Philippines!

No time for the gym?

Shape-Ups is designed to promote weight loss, firm buttock and calf muscles, improve posture, strengthen back muscles, reduce cellulites and tone thighs, increase cardiovascular health and reduce stress on knee and ankle joints.

Skechers Shape-Ups is for people who don’t have the luxury of time to religiously hit the gym. Imagine fulfilling a daily physical fitness regimen with only the right shoes that you can bring along anytime, anywhere.

A fusion of fitness and fashion, Skechers Shape-Ups has taken the Western world by storm, and is poised to capture the hearts of Filipinos. So what’s the buzz behind Skechers Shape-Ups?

Shape up while you walk

Compared to ordinary sneakers, the build of Skechers Shape-Ups reveals the very attribute that differentiates it from other shoes. Shape-Ups has a super-soft kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rocker bottom which simulates walking barefoot on a soft surface such as sand. This particular action provides natural instability, forcing your body to compensate by activating muscles in your legs, buttocks, back and stomach to center your body.

With more muscles engaged while walking and standing, one can burn more calories while shopping, going to work, or running errands. By simply walking in a pair of Shape-Ups for up to 45 minutes every day, Shape-Ups can help tone muscles for shapelier and firmer thighs and buttocks, improve posture, as well as improve blood circulation and reduce weight. You can finally tone your body into that sexy figure you’ve always wanted!

Yes, it works!

One of the reasons for its popularity is how Shape-Ups easily fits into the fast-paced, urban lifestyle without sacrificing fashion sensibility. Shape-Ups caters to the need of students and young professionals to be fit and fabulous while dealing with their busy every day schedule.

In fact, several studies abroad have been conducted to prove that Shape-Ups has lasting benefits on its user’s physical well-being. Factors like body weight, body composition, leg and glutei strength, and lower back endurance were tested. Results showed that there were improvements in all four, with the best improvement in leg and buttock strength as well as lower back endurance.

In the U.S. and UK, satisfied customers have sworn by its advantages to their physique. Through their experience of getting trimmed and toned, they serve as living testaments that yes, Shape-Ups really works. One of Shape-Ups’ contented users shares: “I noticed the difference in one day of wearing them. I felt a burn sensation in my calves and they really do take the pressure off your knees.” Another adds: I can feel the burn in my legs and buttocks almost immediately.”

So what about you? When will you decide to shape up while you walk?

Shape-Ups are available at Skechers stores in Trinoma, Glorietta 5, Market! Market!, Robinson’s Place Ermita, Festival Mall, Marquee Mall and Ayala Center Cebu as well as in selected specialty shops, and in leading department stores nationwide.

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