Melissa Versus Jason on PBB Double UP

Big Brother pitted Melissa against her love interest, Jason in the weekly task called "Uversus."

“Pinoy Big Brother Double Up” opened its ninth week with a series of challenges that pitted former housemates against each other. House A girls and House B girls finally saw their original housemates again but had to fight against them in the weekly task called “Uversus.”

Jason and Melai, who saw each other for the first time after their heated custody battle, were not in competition mode as they seemed too happy to see each other. The two looked like they only wanted to enjoy each other’s company while the game lasted.

Unlike them, the rest of the House A boys had their game faces on and were serious during the Stilts and Giyera-han games. In the Stilts battle, which was won by House B, housemates had to walk within a circle as long as they can while on a “kadang-kadang.”

In Giyera-han, the housemates played the traditional game of “paluan” while balancing themselves in a narrow pedestal on top of the water. Second part of the challenge was pushing their opponent to fall from the pedestal.

Meanwhile, former House B and now House A girl Mariel celebrated her birthday inside PBB. As part of his surprise, Kuya showed her a short video of her son giving her a happy birthday greeting. Mariel confessed that she missed her son so much, and revealed in the same confession that it took her a year to finally accept that she got pregnant and is now a mother.

Mariel might see her son soon as all of the housemates are nominated for eviction this week. Reminder to all “PBB” voters, instead of voting to save your favorite housemate, this week you will vote to evict the housemate you want to leave the house. To VOTE TO EVICT via mobile, type BB(space) NAME OF HOUSEMATE, and send to 2331 for Globe, Sun Cellular, TM and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N’ Text subscribers.

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