Kris Aquino Declares ‘Ako Ang Simula!’ in K Magazine

The latest issue of K Magazine features how Kris Aquino embraces a simpler lifestyle and why Dingdong Dantes is dubbed as the new generation hero.

Ever since her mother died—and following the announcement of her brother Noynoy’s candidacy—Kris Aquino has embraced a simpler lifestyle. She talks all about these two life-changing events and how they have impacted her in the latest issue of K Magazine, now out on the market.

Also in this issue is an account of Kris’s recent family vacation to Hawaii, with captions written by Kris herself. The Hawaii vacation, which she took with husband James and sons Joshua and Baby James, was part of Kris’s promise to her mom that she would spend more time with her family. The ever-efficient Kris planned and organized the trip, and returned with nearly 50 exclusive photos that she is sharing with K Mag readers.

K Mag also offers helpful tips on how to fight stress either of two ways: with herbal remedies or with prayer. Research supports the theory that prayer can benefit not just your soul, but your body too.

Still on the subject of prayer, Annabelle Regalado-Borja of Star Records talks about the making of the Rosary album that was recorded by the Aquino sisters Ballsy, Pinky, Viel and Kris. The album, which features the sisters reciting the mysteries of the Holy Rosary—an advocacy instilled in them by their mother, who was always known for her being prayerful—is already available on the market.

This issue also gives readers the first look at the new K Everyday line: a collection of items for the home and for daily use. The products were road-tested and approved by Kris and include items for the bedroom and kitchen, as well as everyday items like planners to help you get your life in order. Kris also shows you the latest items from the BENCH Pinoy Lab collection.

For those who share Kris’s passion for cooking, K Mag has some of Tita Cory’s heirloom recipes that you can now cook in your own home for a traditional, homestyle pre-holiday treat.

So get your copy of K Mag now, out wherever magazines are sold, from ABS-CBN Publishing.

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