Karen Davila Analyzes Manila’s Flood Problems on ‘The Correspondents’

Karen Davila investigates on who is to blame in the recent floods that destroyed the lives of thousand Filipinos.

Could a sound urban planning have saved lives during the recent typhoons? Many experts believe so.

Join Karen Davila as she looks into the connection of poor urban planning to the recent floods that destroyed the lives of many Filipinos this Tuesday (Oct 13) on “The Correspondents” on ABS-CBN.

Historically, Metro Manila has always been considered flood-prone. That is why many estuaries can still be found in the area. However, these estuaries are now rendered useless due to garbage and illegal settlers which block the flow of flood water on these estuaries.

Worse, the country also has no solid flood control plan. According to expert urban planner Jun Palafox, he has suggested designs for houses and building designs that are flood-proof. Unfortunately, they fell on deaf ears.

Visit for other issues tackled in the program. Join Karen Davila as she analyzes the problem of urban planning in the Philippines this Tuesday (Oct 13) on “The Correspondents,” after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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