Two Children Race for a Pair of Shoes on ‘The Correspondents’

For some children, it has been a tradition to buy a new pair of shoes every start of a school year. But for children from less fortunate families like aspiring athletes Junjun and Aira, a tradition like this is just an ever-elusive dream.

Without the resources to get themselves proper training shoes, the two children from General Santos have not given up on their ambition. Just like famed runner Rio dela Cruz, Junjun and Aira never considered poverty as a hindrance to fulfilling their dreams.

This Tuesday (August 24), ABS-CBN news correspondent Gretchen Malalad will follow the kids’ journey as they join a marathon that gives its participants free shoes.

Watch them fight and win this challenge in their lives from the start to the finish line on “The Correspondents” right after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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