Dingdong-Marian VS Bea-John Lloyd in Valentines 2010

Network war is happening once again in the season of the hearts come 2010 with a Dingdong-Marian starrer from GMA and John Lloyd-Bea starrer from Star Cinema.

The network war during Valentines season started in 2005 when GMA Films released “Let the Love Begin” starring Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin, and Star Cinema released “Dreamboy” starring Piolo Pascual and Bea Alonzo. It happened every year since then.

In 2008, the rival networks did not share the same playdate. GMA Films and Regal’s “My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend” starring Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez was shown in the earlier part of February. Star Cinema’s “My Big Love” starring Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby occupied the later part of February.

The drill continued in the Valentines season this year when GMA Films/Regal released “When I Met U” starring Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion. It was shown on the earlier part of February while Star Cinema released in the latter part of the same month, the box-office smash hit “You Changed My Life” starring Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz.

In 2010, the king of Valentine movies Richard Gutierrez was supposed to have another offering with “Maybe This Time” reuniting him with former girlfriend Anne Curtis. But GMA seems to have another plan. Dingdong Dantes told the media that he and Marian Rivera is doing a romantic movie set for Valentines 2010.

Star Cinema, on the other hand, is also doing a romantic film for Valentines season. Box-office king John Lloyd Cruz will be reunited with Bea Alonzo in the said film.

If plans push through, this could be the scenario come February 2010. So which team are you in?

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