Miss Universe 2009 – Hot 15 in Swimsuit Competition

The Miss Universe 2009 preliminary competition was held last August 15 in Bahamas. Check out our Top 15 picks in the swimsuit competition.

Miss Australia proved that she’s not just a pretty face with a well-toned body as she nailed the catwalk in the swimsuit competition. Australia is no. 1 in our list with regards to the swimsuit segment.

Our no. 2 is the captivating Miss Netherlands followed by powerhouses Mexico and Dominican Republic, in 3rd and 4th place respectively.

Our very own Bianca Manalo catapulted herself as the no. 1 Asian delegate this year for her mesmerizing stage presence and excellent catwalk skills. She delivered and she surprised everyone. That’s why she’s no. 5 in our list.

The list will not be complete without USA (6th) and Venezuela (7th). It’s a no-brainer to include the two not just for sash factor, but the two countries consistently deliver year after year.

Two black beauties occupied our 8th and 9th slots and they are Miss France and Miss South Africa. They both bring the possibility that a black delegate could win this year.

Two more Asians made it in our list: Indonesia (10th) , for her charisma and Thailand (14th) for her stunning body.

Europe is the strongest continent this year. With Netherlands as a shoo-in for the crown and France as the strongest black delegate, these countries performed well also: Spain, Belgium and Iceland.

1. Australia

2. Netherlands

3. Mexico

4. Dominican Republic

5. Philippines

6. USA

7. Venezuela

8. France

9. South Africa

10. Indonesia

11. Belgium

12. Iceland

13. Spain

14. Thailand

15. Russia

I thought Brazil, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Japan and Czech Republic are also front-runners this year, but they did not make it in our Hot 15 for swimsuit. Let’s see if they delivered in the evening gown competition (coming right up).

VIDEO LINK: Miss Universe 2009 Preliminary Competition

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