Bianca Manalo Faces Big Task in Miss Universe 2009

Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Bianca Manalo has already flown to Bahamas for Miss Universe 2009 with a big task: end the 10-year drought of the Philippines in the prestigious pageant.

1999 was the last year the Philippines placed in the Miss Universe pageant courtesy of Miriam Quiambao who almost wore the Mikimoto crown that time. Since the dawn of the new millennium until now, no Filipina was able to penetrate the semis.

Bianca Manalo will try to end the drought this year. Check out her stunning transformation:

Do you think…

a) Bianca will win
b) Bianca will end up in the finals
c) Bianca will end up in the semi-finals
d) Bianca will end up as one of the thank you girls
e) Bianca will win Miss Photogenic

Photo Credits: Raymond Saldana / Bb. Pilipinas

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