Manny Pacquiao as Michael Jackson and some Aling Dionisia Jokes

The king of the ring as the king of pop. You know.

Some Aling Dionisia Jokes that i collected:

Sa isang sosyalerang salon:

Gretchen: “I want my hair dyed jet black, cut it short and then treat it with lots of keratin extracts.”

Aling Dionisia: “I want my hair dyed gold, curl i to the fullest level then implant one diamond at the tip of every strand.:

Taob ang La Greta!

* * * * *

-Sa Las Vegas-

Waiter: May i take ur order, madam?

Aling Dionisia: Soup

Waiter: Chicken, asparagus, noodle, fish or soup of the day?

Aling Dionisia: Soup drenks!

* * * * *

‘you iS!’

‘you is!’

‘you is!’

-siGaw ni aLing dionisia pgdating sa Amerika. Andito na aq sa ‘you is!’

* * * * *

“Si Pacquiao ay magiting na mandirigma. Send this to 50 people or magiging kamukha mo si Aling Dionesia…Madami and dumedma dito at nagsisi.”

* * * * *

“Ang ganda ng bigas!” Iyan ang sabi ni Mommy Dionisia pagkagaling ng Las Vegas, Nevada.

* * * * *

If you have an Aling Dionisia Text Joke aside from the above posted, kindly share it naman on the comments section below for some comic relief. 🙂

VIDEO LINK: Aling Dionisia’s Ginebra TV Commercial

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