Michael Jackson Memorial Service: The Biggest Web Event in History?

A giant audience was formed at computer screens to experience the mourning in Michael Jackson's memorial service.

Mashable has the numbers:

When the King of Pop passed away on June 25, almost 4.2 million people from across the globe logged on to news sites to check the news. It was the biggest day on the network of Akami, which delivers 20% of the Internet’s traffic. The second biggest day was July 8 (US standard time) as Michael Jackson’s memorial service was conducted in Los Angeles.

Global web traffic was as high as 33% above normal during the event, with traffic reaching four million visitors per minute. The three biggest centres for all Jackson memorial-related information were Ustream (A video streaming service), Facebook and CNN (who tied up to provide video services along with real-time social networking) and Twitter.

According to AllThingsD, The Michael Jackson Memorial on Tuesday was the 3rd biggest web event on the internet next to President Barack Obama’s inauguration and the news of Michael Jackson’s death.


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