Judy Ann Santos and Ogie Alcasid Star in ‘Oh My Girl (OMG)’

Young superstar Judy Ann Santos teams up with singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid via the delightful comedy “Oh, My Girl!”

Oh My Girl (OMG) is a story of two childhood best friends who are separated by fate, only to be reunited years later. It is directed by Dante Nico Garcia (Ploning) under Regal Films.

Synopsis: At the local orphanage in the sleepy town of Taal, Batangas, lived two children Opao (Judy Ann Santos) and Biboy (Ogie Alcasid) who have been each other’s soul mate and best friend for as long as they can remember. Promising to stay together forever, Biboy even makes a song that would be their way of finding each other if ever they got separated. But the real world interferes and breaks their promise. And the two orphans are torn apart.

Opao is adopted by an ambitious spinster cum former starlet, Madam Annie, whose only wish was to have a daughter who could live her failed dreams of stardom. And so she molded Opao until the fat kid with a mole on her face is transformed into DARLING the hottest superstar of today’s generation.

Biboy on the other hand was also adopted by a star – a drag queen star famous in Sampaloc Metro Manila, Crisp Pop, who is touched by the boy’s story of losing his best friend. She took Biboy in her own home and gave him a simple, decent albeit unusually colorful life as her assistant in a costume and dress shop. Biboy eventually grows up to be a small entrepreneur, running his own cell phone repair business.And one thing fo sure, Biboy has never forgotten Opao, the first and last love of his life. As he grew older he began trying to find Opao–if not literally then figuratively.

He looked for her in every girl he dates (big women with moles on their faces) and dedicated every cell phone he repaired to the memory of their friendship by putting a sampaguita petal inside every battery pack, as a way of saying sorry for letting her go.

Then one fine evening, Fate smiled and decided it’s time for the two soul mates to reunite. Darling goes on television and sings their special friendship song–which Biboy sees. And so after years of searching, Biboy discovers that his Opao—his fat, cowardly, flatulent, shy Opao—is the one and only Ultraelectromegalactic
Seasonal Superstar–DARLING. Despite initial fears that their worlds are now so different, Biboy keeps the hope in his heart alive that somewhere inside Darling’s big life and even bigger hair is the same old Opao he loves.

But courage fails him at the last minute and by a funny twist of fate–Biboy finds himself entering Darling’s world as her new assistant…FRIDA. Now the only way for the boy to reunite with the girl of his dreams…is to become a girl himself.
As FRIDA, she becomes Darling’s new trusted best friend. Strangely enough, Darling is drawn to this woman. Around Frida, she begins to feel her most natural self. Truth is, while Darling seems to have the perfect life – money, fame and fandom—inside she is the loneliest woman in the world. Ever since being separated from Biboy, her life has been one big production number. Now, at the peak of her career and approaching 30, Darling has begun to question the path her life took. She doesn’t know who she is, because everything she is was manufactured by her stepmother, Madam Annie. From her looks, to her history to her favorite food, to her scripted relationship with her love team partner, Bambam Baderos…Darling has been feeling lost for some time now, and with the help of her new friend and assistant Frida, Darling slowly finds her way back to the Opao that was lost somewhere beneath all the glitter and glamour. But she doesn’t know Frida’s secret. And unfortunately for Biboy, time is running out. Will Opao and Biboy find their way back to each other? A decade old prediction by a mysterious fortune-teller will determine the Fate of our star crossed lovers. And when Bambam springs a surprise that rocks Darling’s world, Biboy must now make a choice: to tell Darling the truth
about who he really is and risk losing her because of his betrayal, or keep lying to her as “Frida” and never find out if he might have had a chance with her, his greatest love and the one and only girl of his dreams.

Also starring in Oh My Girl (OMG) are John Prats, Carlo Aquino, Sheena Halili, Frenchy Dy, Jon Avila, Roderick Paulate, Carmi Martin and Manilyn Reynes. There is also a special guest appearance of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Songbird Regine Velasquez in the movie.

Oh My Girl (OMG) is set to hit theaters nationwide on July 29, 2009.

VIDEO LINK: Oh My Girl (OMG) Full Trailer

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