David Archuleta is a Regine Velasquez Fan

David Archuleta said his favorite Filipino singer is Regine Velasquez via a phone interview by Ricky Lo of the Philippine Star.

American Idol season 7 runner-up David Archuleta is now in the country for his upcoming concert with David Cook happening at the SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds this Saturday, May 16, 2009. This is the first time the two Davids will perform together on stage since American Idol last year.

The Philippine Star columnist Ricky Lo was able to interview David Archuleta and discovered that the 18-year-old charmer is a fan of our very own Regine Velasquez.

Here’s an excerpt from the said interview:

Ricky Lo: Your fans in the Philippines are waiting for you.

David Archuleta: “Oh, I’m happy to hear that. I can’t wait to go to the Philippines.”

Ricky Lo: Anyway, David, what have you heard about the Philippines?

David Archuleta: “I’ve heard that it’s very hot there.”

Ricky Lo: Aside from that?

David Archuleta: “I’ve heard that there are a lot of amazing singers from the Philippines.”

Ricky Lo: Like who?

David Archuleta: “My favorite is Regine Velasquez. She was actually the one who got me to be an even bigger fan of Mariah Carey because she was singing all those Mariah Carey songs that I’ve never heard before. ‘Wow.’ I said, ‘Regine is so good; she’s amazing’.’”

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez, on the other hand, said she’s flattered by Archuleta’s admiration.

“Very flattering that he knows me. Hope he will have a great time here in the Philippines. Everyone here likes him and hoping he will have a great show,” said Regine Velasquez who is currently out of the country for her Divas 4 Divas world tour together with Pops Fernandez, Zsa Zsa Padilla and Kuh Ledesma.

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