Century Tuna 2009 Superbods Winners

Check out who won in the Century Tuna 2009 male and female Superbods search.

The Century Tuna Male Superbod 2009 is…

…24-year-old Van Victor Leano. Van stands 6″ tall and works as a businessman. The first runner up is Martin Richard while second runner up is Rey Talosig.

The Century Tuna Female Superbod 2009 is…

…21-year-old Theresa Fenger. Theresa is a Fil-Canadian singer and beauty queen. The first runner up is Cherry Ann Kubota while the second runner up is Khai Lim.

Both Van Victor and Theresa won P500,000.00 in cash and the privilege to appear on the next television and print ad campaign of Century Tuna.

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