Luis Manzano is ‘Flash Bomba’

Luis Manzano will have his very first starring role on television - as Mars Ravelo's Flash Bomba.

Beginning February 7, 2009, Komiks Presents will feature a new superhero from the creative minds of Mars Ravelo. Dubbed as the “Superhero for all seasons”, Flash Bomba stars Luis Manzano and his alter-ego is Roldan Legazpi, a man who overcomes a physical disability resulting from a hunting trip accident and becomes a crime fighter.

Here is the info about this classic superhero by Mars Ravelo from International Hero Database:

Powers/Abilities: Flash Bomba has superhuman strength, the ability to walk up walls, to generate “thunderclaps” using his large hands or block almost anything with same. In spite of his enlarged extremities, Flash Bomba is not in the least clumsy, and is a skilled unarmed fighter. He can also mystically summon “devil horses” to create a stampede (similar to the way the ghosts did in Lord of the Rings 3).

History: Flash Bomba was man who lost the use of his legs in an accident. Because of this, he trained the rest of his body to an incredible level of athletic ability and did everyday stuff using his hands to compensate for the loss of his ability to walk. Eventually he heard a rumour about a “Tikbalang” (a mythological creature with the body of a man and the head of a horse) who would grant powers to anyone who could defeat it in battle. Flash Bomba challenged the Tikbalang and set a time and place for the battle. He defeated it despite his physical limitations and the Tikbalang granted him superpowers. But as a jest, the Tikbalang gave him powers that made him look awkward. Flash was given the Tikbalang’s magic hair, said talisman allowing Flash to transform into his super-powered version – a being with large hands and feet, as well as superhuman powers. Using his new abilities, he became a crimefighter.

Also starring in Komiks Presents Flash Bomba are Roxanne Guinoo, Sid Lucero, Lito Pimentel, Rio Locsin, Nanette Inventor, Alan Paule and the comedian Empoy. The director of this weekly series is Dondon Santos.

According to reports, Flash Bomba is the last of the Ravelo superheroes, which includes Kapitan Boom, Varga, Lastikman, Dragonna and Tiny Tony. They are part of the much-anticipated “Isang Lakas” super team, the Philippine version of Justice League.

Photos courtesy of ABS-CBN.

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