Sharon Cuneta Denies Split-up with Kiko Pangilinan

Sharon Cuneta arrived at the airport from a short vacation in Hong Kong Friday night and reporters flocked to ask her the burning question if she and Senator Kiko Pangilinan have gone to splitsville. The Megastar delivered a burning answer.

“I’ll give you one word. Burnout… Burnout… I’m burned out of intriga,” she said. “As you can see, I don’t have the two little girls with me, so mali-mali ang mga information.”

The megastar was joined by her oldest daughter KC Concepcion, her bestfriend Fanny Serrano and her cousin Ciara Sotto in her “sudden” trip to Hong Kong last Monday October 6, 2008. The whole week, rumors propagated on tv, dailies and internet that the Megastar and Senator Kiko Pangilinan have separated because of speculations that the Senator is allegedly keeping a mistress.

Video Link: Sharon’s Arrival at the NAIA

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