Coco Martin Reunites with Paolo Rivero in ‘Next Attraction’

The indie prince Coco Martin will be reunited with sexy actor Paolo Rivero in the indie film "Next Attraction."

Next Attraction is a film by Raya Martin competing in the Digital Lokal section of Dekada Cinemanila happening on October 16 to 24 at the Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City. It is the sequel to “Now Showing” which premiered in Cannes International Film Festival Director’s Fortnight last May.

Next Attraction will be competing against Imburnal by Sherad Anthony Sanchez; Ala Pobre Ala Suerte by Briccio Santos; Sisa by CJ Andaluz; Carnivore by Ato Bautista; and Ang Manghuhula by Paolo Herras.

The 90-minute film stars Coco Martin, Paolo Rivero, JK Anicoche, and Ms. Jaclyn Jose. The film is about a behind-the-scenes documentary of an ongoing short film production in the city center, once a glorious part of town. The short film follows a teenager who wanders around the city. After an argument with his mother, he decides to run away. He enters a seedy part of town and meets a man with whom he shares his first sexual experience. The young man comes home, only to find his apologetic mother waiting for him. He ignores her, and contemplates on his actions while taking a shower.

The first team-up of Coco Martin and Paolo Rivero was with the controversial gay-themed movie “Daybreak.” Coco and Paolo will have another steamy scenes together in Next Attraction.

The film is produced by Arleen Cuevas and Raya Martin.

Video Link: Next Attraction Teaser Trailer

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