Ryan Agoncillo to Host Fear Factor and Talentadong Pinoy

Ryan Agoncillo is set to host two reality shows from two different networks.

Ryan is set to leave the country next week for the taping of Fear Factor in South America. The franchise for the local edition of Fear Factor was bought by ABS-CBN from Endemol, the television company from Netherlands which is also responsible for other hit reality shows like Big Brother and Dream Academy. Among those who auditioned to be the host of “Pinoy” Fear Factor was Luis Manzano but the job was finally awarded to Ryan Agoncillo.

Ryan was also chosen by TV5, the new ABC 5, to host its upcoming reality show “Talentadong Pinoy.” The said program was franchised from the US reality talent show “30 Seconds to Fame” and not “America’s Got Talent.” In contrary to America’s Got Talent, although they are very similar, the live audience will act as the judges (instead of having 3 judges who have x buttons). During the performances, if the audience find an act undesirable to watch, the audience will use an electronic device to put in a vote for elimination. If enough people did so, the act was be cut short and the contestant will be eliminated immediately. If the contestant lasts for 30 seconds, he/she will advance through the next round.

So which network has the franchise for “America’s Got Talent” (to be called “Pinoys’ Got Talent) then?

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