Ram Chaves Leads our Pinoy Idol Top 11 Power Ranking

Last night, we witnessed some improvements with the performances of the remaining 11 idol aspirants as most of them gained confidence on stage. And the one who improved the most is Ram Chaves, one of the three rockers in the competition.

Last night’s theme was “I Sing This Song For…” or dedication night if you must. Technical-wise, Pinoy Idol is still lagging behind Pinoy Dream Academy in terms of sounds, lighting and back-up vocals.

One columnist commented before that the girls of Pinoy Idol are way better than the guys. Last night, i was almost sure that the first Pinoy Idol is going to be a guy!

Here’s our Power Ranking for the Top 11:

1. Ram Chaves – Banal Na Aso

Although i was dumb founded with his song choice since it’s supposed to be “dedication” night and not about anger or rock whatever, i must say he’s the one who gave the most out of his performance.

2. Kid Camaya – I’ll Never Love This Way Again

Kid has a very nice sounding voice that’s like “eye candy” to the ears. His take on the Dionne Warwick classic was so great i would love to hear it over and over again. I voted for him, by the way, because he’s one of the 3 contestants who make Pinoy Idol worth watching.

3. Robby Navarro – Someone that I Used to Love

Just like Kid, Robby picked a classic female song that when sung by a male singer with an RnB twist…voila! A breathe of fresh air!

4. Penelope – So Sick

The best part of Penelope’s take on Neyo’s hit song is at the middle to end part when the melody is progressing. Nevertheless, Penelope is still a force to be reckoned with specially now that she is being endorsed by no less than Governor Vilma Santos.

5. Jayann Bautista – Whine Up

It’s a wise choice of song for Jayann as singing the upbeat dance single of Kat de Luna fits her very well. These kind of songs hide the vulnerability of the singer with a not so powerful voice. Remember why Mae Flores topped our rankings last week with her rendition of “You Oughta Know”?

6. Daryl Celis – Basta’t Kasama Kita

Daryl finally listened to what the judges are telling him and went with a ballad OPM instead of his usual “trying hard” RnB. Although there’s still a hint of RnB at the end part, Daryl made a lot of improvement from being at the bottom of our list last week to climbing half the ladder this week.

7. Mae Flores – If I Didn’t Love You

I agree with the judges, Mae lost her magic this week. She’s better off singing rock songs.

8. Gretchen Espina – A House is Not a Home

Not her best.

9. Toffer Rei – Changes in My Life

The judges, except for Jolina, did not like his song choice. I think, Toffer and Sue are in trouble tonight.

10. Sue Ellen – In The End

Sue’s take on the Linkin’ Park hit was ok. Pero kagaya ng paulit-ulit na sinasabi ni Jolina, “nakukulangan ako sa performance.”

11. Warren Antig – You Give Love a Bad Name

Warren is a one hit wonder. His take on popular rockers makes his performance a trying hard copy cat. It was my least favorite performance of the night.

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