Pinoy Idol Top 24 Contestants Revealed

Last week, i'm disappointed with the elimination of blind girl Katchry Golbin. She has the voice of an angel and i really think she's better than a number of contestants who forgot the lyrics and made it to the top 45 still. It's GMA's lost, i must say. Katchry could have put Pinoy Idol in the global headlines. It's not that we're using her disability to promote the show, that's pathetic. But we're judging her by the sound of her voice, her very soulful voice. Not to mention the inspiration that she will instill to millions of people to believe in their dreams despite all the setbacks and trials this life has to offer. O di ba sayang? Tonight, the names of the Top 24 contestants were revealed. I was a little disappointed early on when i heard the news that Sue Ellen Cubing and Volter John Caber didn't make it.

Good thing, it was Sue’s moniker which was used in the announcement instead of her full name. She made it. Unfortunately, Volter didn’t.

So here are the names of the Top 24:


Angeli Mae Flores
Beverly Ejercito
Carol Anne Leus
Drizzle Muniz
Gretchen Espina
Jayann Bautista
Jennifer Rawolle
Meryl David
Penelope Matanguihan
Regene Ong
Sue Ellen Cubing
Vrenilyn Villaflor


Daryl Jett Celis
Eleuterio Andal
Elizalde Camaya
Joselino Pimpinio Jr.
Krisoffer Rei Tragico
Paolo Dio Maghari
Roberto Navarro
Ramon Chaves III
Ryan Estrada
Sherwin Bayangan
Warren Antig
Walton Zerrudo

:: Watch the full episode here.

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