Pinoy Idol Versus Pinoy Dream Academy 2

2 similar reality talent competitions from rival networks are vying for people's viewership - Pinoy Idol and Pinoy Dream Academy - but which show are you watching?

Apparently, the battle of these 2 programs for ratings supremacy are getting tougher and tougher. Pinoy Idol finally beat it’s rival shows on ABS-CBN last Friday, Saturday and Sunday but Pinoy Dream Academy 2 ranked prominently in the primetime race. Not to mention that there is a very small gap between the ratings of these 2 imported shows.

Because both are franchises from foreign programs, people can’t help but compare the two shows. Questions such as which franchise is better, which format is more entertaining and which contestants are more talented are popping here and there.

Let’s take a poll shall we?

Pinoy Idol VS Pinoy Dream Academy 2

Which show are you watching?

Pinoy Idol
Pinoy Dream Academy 2
None of the above
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