Chivas Malunda Decides to Quit PDA Due to Medical Condition

Chivas Malunda, the 22-year-old "Student Father" from Negros Oriental, decided to drop himself out of Pinoy Dream Academy due to health concerns. (Watch the video)

Since he entered the academy, Chivas was admitted to the hospital twice already. On the first incident, he collapsed because of hyperventilation. The second incident happened last night when he collapsed again, this time because of severe migraine.

Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab announced on Thursday that Chivas is officially expelled from the academy. Voting for probationary scholars Iñaki and Laarni was suspended because of this development.

JUMP HERE to watch the video.

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    Havana is home to one of the greatest collections of Spanish colonial buildings. After slipping into disrepair, The building has been restored and is home once again to the national Assembly.

    Ken Donohue plays a game of dominoes with several boys in Havana.

    Havana is probably home to the largest number of vintage American cars.

    News that the country recently reopened its embassy in Havana brought back memories of a visit my wife and I made to Cuba a few years ago. Like many visitors to this island nation, We spent the first week individuals trip at Varadero. While I have no complaints about sitting next to the attractive and warm Atlantic, Varadero isn’t a true representation of Cuba. It’s a nice beach that unexpectedly happens to be in Cuba, Where dozens of complete resorts, providing mostly to Canadians, people today and the odd embargodefying American, expanse along a sand fringed peninsula.

    Cuba is simply a source of idle curiosity for me, In part due to their visits my grandparents made more than 30 years ago, well before it became a tourist mecca. purportedly, a quality uncle of mine had a farm in Cuba. i’m not sure how my relative, A Canadian of Irish origins, finished up in Cuba, But it’s a nation that has long been an intoxicating draw. Ernest Hemingway, for one, Had the house there, noble some of his work.

    Since there may appear far more to Cuba than beautiful beaches, We found on their own on a bus to Havana, Racing along the nation’s north coast. As happens in the tropics, The late day sun didn’t linger and the dark of evening quickly settled in. In the gap, The lighthouse at Castillo del Morro signalled find out how to Cuba’s capital and largest city. Light put in into our bus, As we entered a tunnel and slipped beneath the Bay of Havana. just one minute later, there we were in Havana. It was like stepping back in its history, the spot that the date was stuck on 1958, The year that Fidel Castro stumbled on power. Old American cars from the 1940s and ’50s ambled along mysterious roads. unwanted, Stately homes stood over narrow streets. The dark of evening added to the city’s mystery, And hid the scars from decades of negligence. It is a place that has probably changed little since my grandparents visited more than three decades ago.

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    After dropping our bags and getting book of instructions on how to operate the door lock, We went out and explored the neighbourhood. We located an El Rapido, A local fast food diner, And joined the long queue of families and young families waiting to order. Nicely dressed little clamoured about, giggling and playing. One young person danced to the music that mixed with the warm air in the commercial location, While an additional tapped his foot to the beat.

    We woke the next morning eager to educate yourself regarding Havana Vieja, The old a part of the city. Havana does not need the most developed transit system, may one counts the camel buses, may possibly be crammed full of people and pulled by a large truck. We were accomplished by a man asking if we needed a taxi. it turned out that he wasn’t a taxi driver, Just a guy with a dilapidated Russian Lada that made more money driving tourists.

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    And since a visit to Cuba couldn’t survive complete without seeing a baseball game, That evening we jumped in a taxi and traveled to Estadio Latinoamericano, One of Havana’s large basketball stadiums. The Cuban national team was playing a team from Japan. We stood in line at the ticket windshield, Only to be told we had to go to another section of the stadium where foreigners had to buy tickets. We paid two dollars for the two tickets. I was later told that Cubans would have paid roughly the same as four cents to watch the game. incredibly, Two dollars to see a baseball game with among the better players in the world was a bargain. manufacturers, retailing unwrapped, Cold hamburgers from a box strung around their neck, Walked from the stands doing a brisk business. Cuba handily won the table action.

    we have spent a few days exploring Havana and wanting a change of pace, We thought we would visit Playas del Este, A string of beaches popular with Cubans, About 20 minutes east of the town. We waved down a taxi, And discussed a fare. The driver motioned for me to sit in leading seat so that we would look less like tourists. Not being a united states government approved taxi, He faced a large fine if he was caught ferrying guests.

    We spoke briefly with the motive force about life in Cuba, Which he said was unattainable. He didn’t ornate. He told us that doctors and manuacturers made $20 a month, While as the police he made $40. I asked him what Cubans considered Castro, And he said that ok earthquake like him. He then told us about his baseball card group. he 600. He was surprised that Canada didn’t send a team to the worldwide baseball tournament situation currently playing in Cuba. I told him we didn’t have top notch baseball teams. He certain us we did.

    We spent our last day winding again through Havana’s neighbourhoods. We walked together with impressive Cristobal Colon cemetery, Which like Old Havana is an system wonder in itself. you have to made our way to the Malecon, Which at nighttime is a popular place to watch the sun set. young couples held each other in amorous embraces. and because the sun fell into a darkened [url=]spain girls[/url] sea, our company, in the process, Were starting to fall in love with Cuba.

    ‘Butterfly child’ Jonathan Pitre on his way to Minnesota for treatmentTo steel himself for the year long journey that began friday, Jonathan Pitre has been going over the hard calculus that underpins his decision to pursue a risky proposition, High reward treatment solutions in Minnesota

    Ottawa Hospital leaders promise better food after trying itOttawa Hospital CEO Dr. Jack Kitts recently ate hospital food and you won believe how it happened next. ideally, have you ever eaten hospital food, You likely will.

    An Ottawa couple share their example of SIDSWhen he woke up in tears the morning after he had cried himself to sleep, Rohit Saxena knew what he’d to do. keeping his wife, Lesley, Asleep during sex, Rohit travelled downstairs, Opened his laptop and began to create. Say your kids are your hearts outside your body, He submitted. always be [ / articles or blog posts list >

    Mandryk: Moe, All of us need GHG solutions more than reluctanceAs the strength became both lost in its own rhetoric and mired in its own politics, Often disregarded.

    Mandryk: Sask. Party won’t reveal what’s behind investment option fund lossesOne ponders why an aging government would use its sizable majority to obfuscate, associated with providing.

    Mandryk: Mid year up grade sees Sask. Party gov’t live up its rhetoricThis affordability is now signalling a mature, Responsible Saskatchewan Party software, gives advice Murray.


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    Young spokesman Matt Shuckerow said Monday that the failure to have the farm prior to his 2015 congressional financial disclosure was an oversight that became apparent after the 2014 death of Young’s brother, Russell, And the subsequent sale of the property last year. with his 2015 disclosure, Young reported receiving between $250,001 and therefore $500,000 by using the sale. Disclosure reports offer ranges to report such things as liabilities and assets.

    Young became a partial owner of the farm after his mother died in 1990 but Russell Young operated the farm, Shuckerow alleged. The Republican congressman derived no income from farm operations but received some income from gas and oil leases, he explained.

    “For all intents and purposes this has been his brother’s farm, Shuckerow cited. “But frequently, As a legal stakeholder in the house, He was required to sign documentation and agreements involving use of [url=]online ukraine dating[/url] the property and this included different businesses made by Russell, Those included private property coal and oil leases, Shuckerow known, Adding that it was Young’s which exploration never occurred.

    Income from leases in the 1990s was found in Young’s congressional financial disclosures but $4,100 in rental income over many years from a 2001 lease sale wasn’t, Shuckerow said. He said the omission was inadvertent and Young’s filings would be updated to reflect those. payment was reported on Young’s tax filings, [url=]russian brides[/url] Shuckerow asserted.

    The story was first through the Alaska Dispatch News.

    Young sent a letter to the House clerk in May asking that his filings from 1995 to 2014 be updated to reflect his one third interest in the farm during that time. But Shuckerow said that letter it is fair to be revised. The letter personal Young inheriting his stake in 1995 but Shuckerow said that was a clerical error. The inheritance followed his mother’s death and Young was trying to nail down an accurate date, Which was not entirely clear effect probate process, he said.

    Shuckerow said Young acted and when he realized there was an issue.

    “The congressman has been very clear on newborn Alaskans know that our things are in order. There are oversights on occasion, he said.

    when 2014, The House Ethics Committee found that Young had violated House rules by using campaign funds web hosting trips and accepting improper gifts. It issued a letter of rebuke and called on Young to repay the of the trips and gifts, totaling about $59,000, And to amend his financial disclosure statements in adding gifts he had not reported. fresh apologized for “a lot of instances where I failed to exercise due care in complying with the House’s Code of Conduct.

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