Robby Navarro Tops our Pinoy Idol Top 8 Boys Power Ranking

It's now easier to rank the remaining 8 male contestants of Pinoy Idol as there were some who stood out and some who fumbled. Leading our list is Robby Navarro who sang his personal version of "Wildflower" by Color Me Badd.

The theme last night was “Musical Influence.” The Top 8 Guys performed songs from the artists that they emulate.

1. Robby Navarro – Wildflower (Color Me Badd)
Robby effortlessly stood out among the rest because his rendition of Wildflower is clean, engaging and not over the top. According to Ogie Alcasid, Robby sang Wildflower like a real Pinoy Idol.

2. Walton Zerrudo – Hello (Lionel Ritchie)
Ogie mentioned that Walton’s vocals were smooth and his rendition was effortless and heartfelt and i agree. Althought he minimized those awkward body movements, his facial expressions are verging to being OA. Nevertheless, Walton is last night’s second best.

3. Kid Camaya – Love Always Finds A Way (Peabo Bryson)
The judges believe Kid has one of the best vocals among the guys but they were shortchanged with the way he performs. Personally, i like his very soulful take with the song. I think Kid is just more focused on his vocals rather than the way he moves.

4. Ram Chavez – Kung Ayaw Mo Huwag Mo (Bamboo)
Wyngard told him that he is like a “chinese bamboo” or in lay man’s term, a chinese bamboo wannabe. Performance-wise, Ram is the strongest. What he lacks in charisma, he compensates with energy and passion.

5. Toffer Rei – Something to Say (Harem Scarem)
Toffer Rei started quite well when he rocked his way to the semi-finals of Pinoy Idol. But being singing “rock” as a “rockista” has a fine line between genuine rocking and getting all over the place. Sadly, Toffer’s rendition of the Harem Scarem song wasn’t clean with a little diction problem here and there.

6. JJ Jr. – Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Stevie Wonder)
JJ Jr. is a “fun” guy. He always pick upbeat songs and i must say, his songchoice every week were right on. However, the Stevie Wonder song that he performed last night was too big for him. And i have to comment about the outfit. Before he was wearing a pink tie. Now he’s wearing a pink polo. Is he coming out on national television or something?

7. Daryl Celis – Because of You (Neyo)
Last week, Ogie Alcasid advised Dary to pick his style because he seemed to have an identity crisis if he’s a pop singer or an RnB singer. Last night, we knew that he chose to be an RnB singer by picking “Because of You” by Neyo and i think he made a mistake. Medyo trying hard na ang dating ng RnB ni Daryl, he should have stayed with Pop instead. However, he is very charismatic and this strength could take him to the Top 12.

8. Warren Antig – Billie Jean (David Cook)
Warren topped our first power ranking for the guys but last night, he did an unforgivable thing. He sang a third-rate copycat of “Billie Jean” by David Cook. It was really painful!

By the way, sorry guys if i wasn’t able to record the first five performances. I had a technical glitch last night and was only able to save Ram, Warren and Kid’s performances. I’ll try to search the ever dependable Youtube for the remaining videos.

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