Deal or No Deal Around the World – Philippine Episode

kirs_deal.jpgThe Deal or No Deal Around The World, a special international edition of the popular Endemol game show, has featured the Philippines on its first leg. The two-hour episode follows Mike Levy of Baltimore, Maryland and Patrick Hook of Roberts, Wisconsin as they try their luck at becoming millionaires with US host Howie Mandel and Philippine counterpart Kris Aquino.


The two American contestants will play the game Philippine style and try their luck in winning the cash prize, US dollar equivalent of the Philippine amounts on the leaderboard.

During Mandel’s four-day visit to Manila, he was coached by local host Kris Aquino to say a few lines in Filipino. They also talked about Cory Aquino and the late Ninoy Aquino who happens to be Kris’ parents.

Additionally, Mandel was accompanied by the 26K Girls, the Philippine counterpart of the briefcase models, as he visited Quiapo, Manila and also drove a pedicab around the compound of ABS-CBN, home of the Philippine version of Deal or No Deal. Mandel even tried working as a promo boy for a grocery store.

All these has apparently made the episode very interesting to watch, prompting NBC to air the Philippine episode ahead of two other countries.

:: Click HERE to watch the whole episode.

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