Pinay Madonna Decena Wows England on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

madoona2.jpgAnother testament that Filipinos are among the most talented people in the world is Madonna Decena. On the second episode of Britain's Got Talent season 2 (England's version of America's Got Talent), the 33-year-old single mom blew the judges and the audience away with her rendition of the Whitney Houston classic "I Will Always Love You."

Trembling and a little unsure of herself, Madonna walked onto the stage and told everyone her reason for being there.

Six months ago she flew out to Britain in the hope of creating a better life for herself and two young daughters. Agonisingly she had to leave her precious children behind with their grandparents in the Philippines, until she had raised enough money to send for them.

Her rendition of I Will Always Love You brought a collective lump to the auditorium’s throat.

“I know you were singing that song for your babies” said a tearful Amanda.

This audition was no Holiday for Madonna, it was potentially life-changing, and when the panel told her she had made it to the next round… it was as if all her dreams had been answered, just Like A Prayer.

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