Michael Sarver Gets the Boot on Idol

Michael Sarver who performed "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" on American Idol Top 10 performance night is going home tonight.

For a recap, here’s what the judges said on Sarver’s performance last night:

Paula Abdul said: “For me this was a tough performance. Felt Las Vegas loungy for me. You need to be dominating that song.” Simon Cowell said: “I couldn’t wait for it to end. You were screaming and shouting. You have no chance of winning based on that type of vocal. In the real world it isn’t good enough.” Randy Jackson said: “The song was a little to big for you. You made it little corny. It wasn’t a great performance.” Kara DioGuardi said: “We are looking for an artist. Next week you need to be an artist.”

Although the elimination of Sarver is quite expected because the four judges didn’t like his performance, the non-inclusion of Megan Joy Corkrey in the bottom three was a surprise. What’s even more shocking on the results show was that Matt Giraud, who’s been “rockin’ the microphone” according to Randy Jackson, was in the bottom two.

Thanks for the new “Judges Save” rule because we all know that if Matt received the lowest number of votes, the four musketeers will save him. But they don’t need to exercise that power tonight because it is Michael Sarver, as announced by Ryan Seacrest, who is leaving the show.

And who’s the other one in the bottom three? It’s Scott McIntyre!

Tonight’s musical guests, by the way, are Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson who sang “You’re the One For Me.” Ruben Studdard (the second American Idol) also took the stage to sing his latest single, Together.

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