Vincent Bueno’s ‘Sex Appeal’ Single Hits Europe

vb_cover_small.jpgOur very own Vincent Bueno is launching his first solo CD in Europe's record stores on April 18, 2008. His single, "Sex Appeal" is produced in Austria by HitSquad Records and recorded at MG Sound studio which are both Austrian outfits, and will be sold mainly in big stores such as Saturn, MediaMarket, Libro and Cosmos.

Vincent became a household name in Austria after winning the reality competition “Musical! Die Show” last January.

After his victory, the 21-year-old heartthrob is now busy with theater engagements, tours, guestings and recording his first album.

The maxi CD, a prelude to his upcoming album, contains three different interpretations the song “Sex Appeal,” namely Vintage Mix, Dance Appeal and Swing Appeal.

His debut album is set to be released this summer and it will include some of his original compositions.

Listen to the sample here.

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