RP’s Sexiest Men 2008 – Nos. 96 to 100

869621462_d345e3bf21.jpg96. Simon Atkins (new entry) Profile: Simon is a basketball player of De La Salle University. He is also the endorser of Handford Ice, the men's apparel's innerwear series. What Makes Him Sexy: His intensed eyes and his basketball-toned body that's just right. For more of Simon, click HERE.

andrewschimmer0.jpg97. Andrew Schimmer
(new entry)

Profile: Andrew is a 23 year-old kapuso actor, model and bodybuilder.

What Makes Him Sexy: He stole the spotlight late last year by winning the male category of Slimmer’s World Great Bodies 2007. No further explanation, just look at the bod bro.

For more of Andrew, click HERE.

c1.jpg98. Chris Cayzer
(new entry)

Profile: Chris was born and raised in Australia. He is an acoustic singer and songwriter.

What Makes Him Sexy: His soulful voice, his chinito charm and his charismatic presence.

For more of Chris, click HERE.

vincent6.jpg99. Ken Escudero
(New Entry)

Profile: Ken is a model, a male pageant contestant and now an actor.

What Makes Him Sexy: Ken is our delegate in the 2006 Mr. International Pageant where he was one of the semi-finalists. He won the Mr. Photogenic Award in the said pageant. Earlier this year, Ken starred in the sexy digital film “Sikil: Unspoken Passion” in what to be his boldest role ever.

For more of Ken, click HERE.

ervic.jpg100. Ervic Vijandre
(new entry)

Profile: Ervic is a model as well as a basketball/baseball player of De La Salle University.

What makes him sexy: He is the rumored BF of Marian Rivera, need i say more?

For more of Ervic, click HERE.

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