Surivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown – Meet the Male Castaways

Meet the 9 male castaways of the biggest, hottest and most explosive edition of "Survivor Philippines."

Ahron Villena – Will this young actor’s boy next door good looks and charm work to his advantage? How long will he be able to keep himself in the game? “Ang Bolero” ng isla… will he be booted out as soon as things get serious?

Akihiro Sato – The Brapanese hunk with a very Pinoy heart is no doubt one of the hottest celebs in the country. “Mr. Nice Guy” in camp – will his smile waver as life in the island becomes more than unbearable?

Buhawi “Buwi” Meneses – The bassist of popular band Parokya ni Edgar, he is the idol of the youth and hero of his child. With the heart of a true “Tribe Leader” – will he step up to the plate or back down from the fight?

Ervic Vijandre – A “Power Player” in the hard court, will his moves steer him to victory or bring him crashing down to the ground?

Doc Ferdz Recio – Born to Be Wild’s resident vet, Doc Ferds Recio, seems to be at an advantage in this game. Considered “The Boss” in the outdoors, this castaway is not one to back down from a challenge.

Ian Batherson – This Starstruck V finalist has been known to be a tad too straightforward, sometimes tactless, a little bratty and so much of a naughty boy. Will this “Pilyong Amboy” get his way in the island?

Jon Hall – Ang “Siga ng Isla” – hot headed model and hunky boyfriend of a popular young actress. Will he be able to bully his way through the toughest Survivor Philippines yet?

Mico Aytona – One of the young ones in the line-up, this “Bibong Bunso” has made his mark as the teenage boy everyone loves to love. Charming, witty, and oh so friendly, will his image stand the tests of the island?

Pretty Trisza – This stand up comedian is a favorite at comedy bars. But will his “Cheerleader” enthusiasm sit well with the seriousness of purpose in the island?

Images courtesy of GMA-7.

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